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"I had ‘Rewind’ Therapy with Karen and am totally surprised at how o.k. I feel after years ofdealing with trauma. I didn’t think it would work so quickly, but I have not thought aboutthe trauma since the therapy. I will be forever grateful for Karen’s help – to settle thatpart of my mind is priceless. Thank you really isn’t enough, but thank you so much."


"After feeling depressed and anxious for a few years, my wife suggested that I went to see
a therapist. I was so against it at first, unable to see how talking to a stranger could
possibly help me. Also being a male who was brought up to never talk about feelings, I felt
quite scared. I had absolutely no need to feel fearful. Karen is so warm, caring, friendly
and approachable as well as very professional and knowledgeable. She clearly cares
immensely about her clients and her gentle, but sometimes challenging way, enabled me
to open up and talk about many issues, right back to my childhood. I came away from my
sessions feeling like a heavy backpack I had been carrying all my life had been put down. I
feel like a new, different person. My wife and children are delighted and I have a much
better, more honest relationship with the rest of my family. Put simply, seeing Karen has
changed my life."

"I saw Karen due to extreme anxiety. Karen helped me to identify the source of my anxiety and work through it. She then equipped me with the tools to dispel and cope with the anxiety and to understand it. I had been to counsellors previously but none had helped – they just listened. Karen has been able to help me enormously. Karen is warm, friendly, caring and yet completely professional. I always felt at ease and supported. I recommend Karen highly. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. After my husband and children, Karen’s the best thing that happened to me. I wish I’d found her year’s ago. I feel that I am free at last and no longer trapped by anxiety and worry and feelings of unworthiness."
Mrs Grenfield

"I won’t lie, the thought of going to counselling made me feel like a complete failure. I basically just point-blank wasn’t good enough and therefore somebody else had to help me sort my life out. I really, really didn’t want to go. I can’t tell you how much I really didn’t want to go …… To me going, meant I had failed as a parent, a partner and a man.

However, I now know I couldn’t have been more wrong about counselling and my life and what it all actually meant. Meeting Karen King-Harris without a doubt has been one of the best things that has actually ever happened to me and the couples counselling I experienced with my life was life altering! Karen made it clear to me form the get go, that my initial worries were unfounded and actually walking through her doors was a brave thing to do and being a failure couldn’t be further from the truth. Karen made us feel instantly at ease about my intrepidations and by talking us both through the potential process involved, I left after my 1st session feeling very relieved and looking forward to going back to work with Karen.

I know through Karen’s expert guidance, help and understanding that Karen has helped me to unburden myself of deep rooted issues and have a real understanding of myself and our relationship and helped us to deal with our lives effectively by developing our basic relationship skills.

I personally can highly recommend Karen based on our fantastic experience as a couple. She is the most warm, caring, empathetic, skilled and knowledgeable therapist who will change your life, understanding of self and relationships so much for the better."


"We saw Karen as a couple during extremely difficult and traumatic times in our lives.
Karen was empathetic and felt so warm, caring and safe. She understood us both
individually at a deep level and also as a couple. We both felt so heard and understood in
a way we have never experienced before. Karen’s gentle challenges and insight into our
dynamics and ways of communicating (not effectively) led us to a greater awareness of
ourselves as individuals and as a couple. We initially dreaded her homework tasks (which
were all totally voluntary) but ended up really looking forward to the work between
sessions. Please don’t suffer and struggle in silence or alone. Karen will help you through
your hurdles to a new life."
Lisa &

"Karen is so warm, friendly, understanding whilst professional with a wealth of knowledge. I only wish I had gone to her sooner. All my initial worries and fears melted away within minutes of meeting Karen. She is so easy to talk to and has completely given me back my life. Thank you Karen."

"I was recommended by a friend to see Karen King-Harris as I was going through some
issues in my life and felt that talking to a counsellor might help. As soon as I met Karen I
felt at ease and more importantly that she understood my issues and gave me coping
strategies. I thoroughly recommend her."

"My experience with Karen was life changing. It was challenging at times whilst feeling
completely safe in a calm and relaxed environment. Karen knows just what questions to ask to facilitate you in finding your own way."

"I met Karen during a very difficult time when I was struggling to cope with the death of a
loved one. I didn’t know how to deal with it and I was extremely sad all the time. I felt
that counselling was my last hope. A friend recommended Karen to me. The minute I met
her I felt safe and comfortable – it felt like I had always known her. I felt completely
supported and understood. Karen has helped me so much, I no longer feel so lost. She
has helped me so much and I am so grateful."

"My life fell apart after witnessing an unimaginable, traumatic event. I couldn’t leave my
house and was diagnosed with PTSD. I was suffering from chronic insomnia, flashbacks
and angry outbursts. I received REWIND therapy from Karen, the most amazing therapy
that has stopped the flashbacks, nightmares and anger. Karen taught me coping
techniques to take control again over my life and to regulate my nervous system. I am
now fully living my life again. I can’t thank Karen enough. She is an amazing therapist."

"I went to see Karen suffering from stress, anxiety and depression following a major
traumatic event in my life. Karen is warm, compassionate, calm and very easy to talk to. She explained the ‘Rewind’ therapy to me and gave me some literature to read about it before deciding whether I wanted to go ahead. I am so glad I did. It has been life changing. I feel like I have been given back my life after years of suffering and feeling like I was going mad. Within two sessions I felt like a different person, free at last from my traumatic and limiting past. I highly recommend Karen."

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