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Therapeutic Coaching

I am also trained as a therapeutic coach and if this is your preferred way of working I offer brief short term work of five to six sessions.


A Therapeutic Coach:

- Integrates coaching and counselling within a brief and ethical framework.

- Understands and uses cognitive behavioural therapy where appropriate.

- Recognises the importance of human emotional needs for wellbeing.

- Uses clinical outcome measures and ongoing client feedback at every session.

- Can help with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, emotional and wellbeing issues.

- Will help you look at your life holistically.

- Will help you be more aware of choices you have.

- Will help you draw on your inner resources to get your needs met.

- Can help you to relax deeply.

- Can help build confidence and self esteem.

- Can help you be more assertive and more effective in your work life using advanced coaching techniques.

- May use guided visualisation to accelerate positive outcomes.

- May use E.F.T ( Emotional Freedom Technique) to clear negative and painful feelings.

- May use ‘Rewind’ Technique for trauma.


In our initial session we would briefly explore your current issue(s), why you feel stuck, anxious, depressed, dissatisfied or unhappy or whatever you may present with.  We then proceed to the next step, identifying what needs to change, what is within your control and how you can make positive changes.  Often we don’t know where to begin to turn things around.  I can provide the tools and strategies to enable you to move forward, teaching you new ways of ‘ being’ and coping with life that you can use from hereon.

Coaching is a more directive form of support in comparison to counselling, however the work is very collaborative and empowering.  It is about taking back control of your life.

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