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Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and talk therapy can be very beneficial. Alongside the therapeutic work we are also engaged in the healing and relaxing process of exercise and being outside in nature. Walking and being outside boosts our immune system. The outside environment has a positive impact on us and the exercise element delivers more oxygen into our bodies. The light from outside enters the retina of our eyes and directly goes to our brain, where it stimulates the release of serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical used within many of our bodies systems. It is one of the main chemicals that helps us to regulate our mood, aids memory, sleep and cognitive processes, therefore often making the process of therapy more connected and restorative. The combination of walking, fresh air and natural light can provide easier engagement with the therapeutic process, allowing clients to feel more grounded. Just twenty minutes of exercise can increase serotonin levels, therefore improving mood. Sunlight not only gives us a boost of serotonin but will also give us our daily dose of Vitamin D.

Our walk and talk sessions will focus on whatever presenting issues you choose to bring to therapy whilst walking. The sessions last for 50 minutes or longer sessions of two hours can be arranged. Within the walk and talk therapy we can pause and sit or rest, should that be your wish. Mindfulness and breathing exercises along with CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy) can be incorporated into the sessions. You will never have to do anything that you do not feel comfortable with. Walking side by side can often feel less inhibiting for some clients than traditional counselling or coaching sessions.


How it works

After initial contact, I will e mail (or send) you a copy of my Therapy Contract along with Privacy Policy and Risk Assessment. I will then need you to read, sign and return to me.  I will ask you to take responsibility for your own health (or a parent/carer if the client is under 18).

You will need to bring any required medication with you, e.g. asthma inhaler etc.

Payments should be paid via bank transfer and should be transferred before the session (cash will be accepted only in exceptional circumstances and should be placed in the box provided).


Confidentiality will have the same priority as traditional face to face or online/telephone therapy. We will discuss, prior to the first session, any concerns over the possible meeting people known to us and how we will manage this.

You will need to wear suitable clothing for walking in variable weather conditions, e.g. a waterproof, hat, sun cream, walking shoes or trainers etc. Please bring a drink with you to ensure you stay hydrated. No alcoholic drinks or mood changing substances will be permitted before or during therapy.

We will walk at a pace which feels comfortable for you to talk, explore and reflect. I take clients from outside my home to walks through beautiful, peaceful countryside.

If you have any concerns, please seek the advice of a medical professional before commencing walk and talk therapy. Our agreement will require you to sign stating you do not have an existing health condition that would make walking therapy unsuitable. You, as the client will retain responsibility for your own safety.

If a decision is made that the weather may make a walk unsafe, I will offer you an alternative online or telephone session.

Please let me know if there are circumstances or considerations I need to be aware of i.e. fear of certain animals, allergies or phobias.


Government guidelines will be strictly adhered to regarding social distancing of two metres.


Please read the Risk Assessment in conjunction with this form.

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